Nim - The God of Gods

The God of Gods. The God-Maker. Nim is the originator of existence and the most powerful being, including the greater gods. If your universe started with a big bang, then it may have been started by Nim. If it came from a multi-verse, then the multi-verse may have come form Nim. If the multi-verse came from something else, then that something else may have come from Nim. But somewhere down the line, it always starts with Nim, the center of existence.

The greater gods that Nim created, also create, destroy, and/or manipulate existence. Nim creates gods of light and darkness, pain and pleasure, harmony and dissonance, creation, and destruction.

The deeper inside The Great Void an entity is, the more unfalsifiable it is. Think of The 3rd Realm, it is deeper in The Great Void than the spiritual realm. Nim is rooted at the very center of The Great Void. Nim is not a layer with a number, that lies above other layers like the 3rd, 4th, or 5th realm. Nim is infinite, beyond all layers, beyond all caculable depths of The Great Void.

The Metaspiritual

Scientific discoveries concerning the human brain and human origin (e.g. evolution), often concern those who believe in God and the human soul. Their spiritual beliefs lock horns with scientific exploration and discovery. A common defensive response they give is that scientist don't know everything. Their theories/models/laws cannot explain everything single thing, so they have holes in them. And so the reasoning goes, God must exist, the human soul must exist, or any other belief they might have. They exist in those holes.

Science cannot disprove all concepts of God. However, science cannot disprove anything that is not falsifiable/disprovable, or test the untestable, such as Nim. Every spiritual explanation can be served up with a metaspiritual explanation that subverts it. Even if the Christian God is real, Nim is The God-Maker, so Nim created the Christian God and can also unmake him. Scientists don't know everything, right?

Nim is The God of Gods. Science cannot disprove all concepts of God, but science also cannot disprove that God cannot disprove Nim. Nim is so powerful, not even God can see him. No god can disprove Nim. Nim is a metaspiritual belief, because it is an answer that lurks beyond the immediate spiritual beliefs.