This website focuses on what I consider fundamental or foundational knowledge. The layout of the top menu is more or less in sequence of how best to read this website, with "Church" being the first. After that comes "Root", which is a bit easier to understand if you've read the first section. The next section is "Xar" which is various topics I've wrote about, that draws from my understanding of how the fundamentals work.

The main objective is to construct a basic model of the world with us, the obsevers, as the focus. We cannot necessarily create a model of the world that perfectly describes it. So far we have failed to do so, and it's not written in the stars that it's even possible to achieve such a thing. This website defines a model and uses it. My aim is to better define it by writing it down and to revise it as my understanding increases.

I believe every human who wants to understand the world requires a basic, root model, of the world. And that to learn, they have to not only modify this root model as time passes, but also apply it in their general thinking to test it and become intimentally familiar with it.


The "Root" section is a work in progress. The current articles need a lot of work. That includes how the model is applied. For instance, there is too much focus on observations in regards to observers also constructing concepts. This project is still in BETA and will remain so, until I am satisfied with the current articles.